About us

Hamgerayesh company was incorporated in 2005 after many successful years of experience in business of a range of stationary products, most importantly paper in A5, A4 and A3 sizes and envelope and notebooks under its brand.
Thanks to our advanced machines from German Bielomatic Company Our mill cuts paper through accurate and therefore clean process. This machine haunts the dust of paper that results in higher durability of involved fax and printer machines. It is less likely for manufacturing and packaging mills to remove the dust of paper.
In 2010, the factory was overhauled and re-equipped by installation of new machines including a packaging machine, manufactured in 2009 in UK. Modernized manufacturing line enabled us to produce moisture resistant packages coupled with easy opening strips for the first time in the Middle East. It worth mentioning, new machine removes the dust of paper up to around %95 that is exclusive to this machine. Currently, Hamgerayesh is able to produce 250,000 ream of paper a month and we are proud to say that Hamgerayesh was awarded ISO-9000 certificate in 2011